The May 18th GSO City Market has been rescheduled for June 1st due to thunderstorms!


GSO City Market June 1st, 6pm - 10pm


The monthly themes of the three 2018 GSO City Market will be Past, Present, and Future. These themes will provide an intimate portrait of the people, places, and things that make up Downtown Greensboro. We will approach these topics through interactive tours, curated vendors, music events, and art installations which will be engaging, and most importantly, fun! Through these, we will explore the history, current initiatives, and future explorations of the place we all know and love.  


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Art and Music

The art and music features for the GSO City Market on May 18th will be brought to you by two legs of the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The School of Art’s contemporary art center Greensboro Project Space, and UNCG’s Community Arts Collaborative which creates and supports community engaged programs for UNCG’s School of Music, Theatre, Dance, and Art. Students and faculty from the CVPA will curate and produce the programs in collaboration with local artists, musicians, dancers, and performers.

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Student Alley
Where: Lawn of Forge/GPS
When: 6pm - 10pm

A row of vendors dedicated to student artists at colleges and universities in Greensboro. This is an opportunity for the community to engage with emerging artists as part of the GSO City Market theme PRESENT. They will be exhibiting and selling their artworks! 


Ali Al-Khasrachi
Every Campus a Refugee
Where: Greensboro Project Space
When: 6pm - 10pm

Most of Ali's work uses water colors along with black Chinese ink. The subjects Ali choose are mostly Arabic calligraphy in different fonts with the inclusion of Arabesque, organic and geometric designs; Turkish designs, old Iraqi folkloric designs and Baghdadi traditional design such as doors, windows, domes, and arches inspired by old architecture. 

Every Campus a Refugee

Inspired by Pope Francis’ call on every European parish to host one refugee family, guided by
Guilford’s Quaker tradition and history, and animated by the Arab-Islamic word for campus
which means “sanctuary,” Diya Abdo, associate professor of English, founded Every Campus a
Refuge, an initiative which calls on every college and university around the world to host one
refugee family on their campus grounds and to assist them in resettlement. Now, more than ever,
private colleges and universities can play a pivotal role in housing and resettling refugees.

Guilford College has hosted Ali and his family as part of Every Campus a Refuge.