GSO City Market April 20th, 6pm - 10pm


The monthly themes of the three 2018 GSO City Market will be Past, Present, and Future. These themes will provide an intimate portrait of the people, places, and things that make up Downtown Greensboro. We will approach these topics through interactive tours, curated vendors, music events, and art installations which will be engaging, and most importantly, fun! Through these, we will explore the history, current initiatives, and future explorations of the place we all know and love.  


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Art and Music

The art and music features for the GSO City Market on April 20th will be brought to you by two legs of the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The School of Art’s contemporary art center Greensboro Project Space, and UNCG’s Community Arts Collaborative which creates and supports community engaged programs for UNCG’s School of Music, Theatre, Dance, and Art. Students and faculty from the CVPA will curate and produce the programs in collaboration with local artists, musicians, dancers, and performers.

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The Collage Chamber Series
Where: Greensboro Project Space
When: 6:30pm, 7pm, and 7:30pm

The Collage Chamber Series features the UNCG School of Music faculty in annual concerts on campus in the School of Music Recital Hall and a fourth concert off campus which will be held this year during the GSO City Market on April 20th at Greensboro Project Space. Collage is captivating and totally unique, featuring an incredible range of performers presenting one riveting work after another. 


Silent Film Screening and Accompanying Piano

Gil has been an accompanist since high school and college, when he began with a Super 8 projector and a sheet.  In 1980 he became Director of Art Ensemble, which presented an annual Halloween showing of Nosferatu.  In addition, he has performed as solo accompanist for Nosferatu at PS 122 in New York City and "Phantom of the Opera" in Philadelphia.  Gil has served as the accompanist for the School of Dance at the University of North Carolina School of Arts since 1974 as well as for its silent film productions since 1994.  Gil has also recently presented silent film screenings at the Steinway Piano Gallery in Greensboro and UNCG's Greensboro Project Space.

During the GSO City Market they will be screening silent films created in the South and North Carolina while Gil Fray improvises on the piano. The event will be a unique opportunity to experience the past history of our state!


Sound Greensboro

Sound Greensboro is a collection of pieces composed by UNCG composition students that are inspired by various locations in and around the greater Greensboro area like South Elm, Lindley Park, and more. Individual pieces are contained within free standing kiosks and act as independent sound installations that will be placed throughout the GSO City Market on April 20th. After the premier is complete, the kiosks will be taken and placed in the locations that inspired them for various passerbys to enjoy.


UNCG Art Truck


UNCG Art Truck is a mobile art gallery, interactive & educational art space. The Art Truck Think Tank, formed by School of Art, The Department of Interior Architecture, and Lloyd International Honors College, collaborated on the design of the Art Truck and oversaw its renovation from a 17-feet U-Haul box truck to a unique, breathtaking mobile art space.The Art Truck has developed versatile programs, which include art exhibitions, improvising performances, installations, socially engaged projects, poetry workshops, pop-up libraries, open theatre, photo booth, pop-up meditations, etc.

During the GSO City Market on April 20th the Art Truck will feature a storytelling workshop and performance with School of Art MFA student and Art Truck Director Jessica Wilkins.


Bounce House Gallery
with UNCG School of Art MFA student Anna Wallace


Bounce House Gallery is exactly as it sounds, an exhibition space executed inside a custom, all white bounce house. 

This project seeks to introduce an aspect of the arts community to individuals of who would not regularly engage with the arts. Bounce House Gallery invites participants to experience specialized artworks outside the context or expectations of a standard gallery.

For the GSO City Market the Bounce House Gallery will feature work by UNCG School of Art MFA student Anna Wallace. 



Recycled Noise
by UNCG School of Music MM Composer Student Lowell Fuchs

Recycled noise is an interactive installation piece created for an unspecified ensemble with audience participation.  The installation is made from a collection of seventy-five recycled glass bottles and glass pebbles, with each bottle containing instructions with specific movement and sound instructions for audience members.  As audience members move around the space, they will produce an amalgamation of pitches and sounds with the bottles.  Meanwhile, the ensemble is given sound and movement instructions on how to interact with the sounds produced by the audience and the space.


Object Lessons by Linda Kent and I Carry You with Me by Celia Cortez

For the past month, the School of Visual Arts' MFA students have been showing their portfolio work and exhibiting at the Greensboro Project Space. The exhibition for the GSO City Market is from two of those eight second-year MFA students' exhibitions, Object Lessons by Linda Kent and I Carry You with Me by Ceila Cortez.